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I have always been what I consider a creative and have been involved in art of some kind since I was a kid. I spent countless hours drawing and painting in my youth and still continue to create fine art today. During my teens and 20s I was immersed in the graffiti culture, and that love of letters and characters ultimately led me to an interest in graphic design in which I earned my college degree. Having been in the design industry for about 20 years now, my love of letters and characters remains, and my love of visual storytelling has grown and evolved with new technologies and skillsets.

My background includes both agency and freelance graphic design experience with a solid track record of delivering print, and digital design projects for businesses of all sizes in a creative, well thought out, and professional manner. Over the course of my career as a designer I have had the opportunity to help small to medium-sized businesses in various industries grow and thrive through targeted print and digital advertising, giving them the a diversified presence in the marketplace. Utilizing my advanced knowledge of current software and design fundamentals, as well as the implementation of my own photography and illustrations has opened the door to providing a custom approach to design projects, giving my clients a unique and well rounded visual element to tell their stories.

Beyond my love for art, design, and photography, I am also very passionate about music and nature. As a native to Colorado I have been lucky enough to see most of this beautiful state, and I am always in awe of the treasures that hide in the mountains not so far from my front door. Escaping to the mountains to camp, hike, snowboard, or bike through the beautiful landscapes is how I enjoy spending my time away from my trusty computer.

Thank you for stopping by to see my work! If you have any questions, or want to learn more about me or my work, please contact me below.

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